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Maureen Fenner - RMBACP Diploma In Therapeutic Counselling

Counsellor, Therapist & Supervisor In Ashford, Kent

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E: mofenner@talktalk.net

T: 07387 811099

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Should you be feeling the need to speak to someone urgently outside of working hours, you can contact the Ashford Samaritans.

T: 01233 610000

A: 22 Queen Street, Ashford,

TN23 1RG

I am a Registered Member of British Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists and offer client either via video call or telephone call, enabling clients to choose which of these they prefer to work.  I don’t offer face to face sessions as I feel that connecting remotely gives me the opportunity to offer my services to a wider client base.  Also, if clients find difficulty in leaving their home, either through work or childcare issues, they can fit their sessions into their day more conveniently.  My aim has always been to ensure that my clients are working with me in the best way for them.

Over the last 30 years I have worked in the voluntary sector for many different agencies, including Citizens Advice, Victims Support and Disability Advice Charities, and currently I work part time in a Hospice.  I have a great deal of experience working with many different people, who have many different problems, so I can hold your worries with you, and by looking at them from different perspectives, together we can shift their power over you.

I also do relationship work with couples and families; often where communication has broken down and they are living in emotional chaos.  However, through therapy it can be possible to learn different ways of communicating and to understand that how we say what we say to others, is hugely important. Some of my clients are people who have anger issues, so my work focuses on helping them to find the source of their anger, and then to be in a better position to manage it.   Also, I see people who feel suicidal and may be self harming, there is no judgement in counselling, just a space for clients to come and talk confidentially with me, at their own pace whatever their issue might be.  From domestic abuse to historical abuse that perhaps the client has never been able to disclose before – safety, confidentially and non judgement of clients are of utmost importance.

I am also a clinical/non clinical supervisor and offer supervision to fellow therapists as well as those who work within people focused environments such as nurses, teachers and carers.  It is important to seek supervision if you are in this work group as dealing with the weight of other people’s needs and worries certainly impacts on what we feel and take home with us.  Being able to explore our feelings with a safe and non judgemental professional can only be a positive thing for one’s own mental health.

My client work is extremely important to me and as a therapist, counsellor and supervisor, I consider it a privilege to be able to work so closely with my clients, and I constantly endeavour to give them the best and most professional service.


E: mofenner@talktalk.net

T: 07387 811099

A: Ashford, Kent


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9am - 6pm

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